Q2 2011 Looking Good

If you go back and look through my posts, I often write about my work in automating the financial statements. Well, I am completely done with this project and I used it to prepare the statements for Q1 – now it is only 5 days from the end of the quarter and I have a draft of the statement ready to go. I have to give it a few weeks to allow for more cost and billings to post, but once that is done all I have to do is click the “Refresh” button to pull in the new data. I have substantially decreased the time it takes to prepare the financials for a >$200 million construction company – I have to say that I am hearing that small voice inside that lets you know that you have done your best.

In addition to increasing the efficiency on the accounting end, I have recently completed another excel project. At my company, the Project Managers use a cost variance report to make monthly projections on their projects. Typically, a PM will have to print the report out and manually make calculations and markup the report with projections. Now, a PM has the ability to pull project budget and cost data into Excel and make projections electronically. This is made possible through an Excel Add-in for Sage Timberline called “Office Connector”. This just puts a nice interface in front of the ODBC driver capabilities. I am currently experimenting more with Office Connector so hopefully I will have more reports to share!



One response to “Q2 2011 Looking Good

  1. Jeremy, Great posts (at least for us construction financial professionals!). You’ve already taken your next step up the ladder by joining CFMA. As a construction financial manager, we are who you are. You will be able to connect with people who are doing the same things as you professionally and people who can share your passion for being and doing better work. Next up, Crystal Reports?

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