MS Excel – My Personal Assistant

When I was about 14 years old, I started playing around with Microsoft Excel 97. I was amazed with it’s functionality – the next year when I started my first job, I began making spreadsheets to forecast my earnings over the next 12 months based on average hours worked (I still have these spreadsheets to this day). Now, I am utilizing Excel on a much higher level. As explained in my last posting, I am working towards creating a “module” within Microsoft Excel 2010 using ODBC technology. What I have learned is that if there is data, you can import it into Excel and make it sing and dance. In many accounting processes, data from a subsidiary ledger is being used to create reports, to calculate accruals and to be reconciled to a General Ledger. I would urge any accountant out there to stop printing out details of these transactions and find a way to use Excel to link to the data source. This way you can setup recurring Journal Entries, Reconciliations, Allocations, and Accruals – making Excel your own personal assistant.


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