Budgets Down – Now on to the Balance Sheet!

After spending some quality time working as a Project Cost Accountant, I moved forward to my current position as an Accountant. I am currently responsible for book keeping, preparation of financial statements, as well as communicating key financial statistics each week to the organzation through financial dashboards that focus on areas such as labor cost and investment activity. I began working in this area about 1 year ago and it has been a blast. During that year I discovered something that I could implement that would streamline the financial reporting process. Within Microsoft Excel, I used the ODBC driver to access the accounting software database and pull that data in to create real time “dashboards” to send to key people in the company. This idea grew as I discovered more and more things to do with it. My latest project is the automation of the financial statements. I have transformed an excel spreadsheet to work like a webpage – I accomplished this by utilizing macros. A user can click a button on the home page to navigate to an area of the spreadsheet rather than using tabs. The user also has the ability to refresh the data so that he or she can know in real time the financial condition of the organization.


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