Passion Ignited.

“You can’t manufacture passion or motivate people to feel passionate. You can only discover what ignites your passion and the passions of those around you” – Jim Collins Good to Great

I have to admit, I love reading business books, especially about leadership and serving others. This was something very new to me in 2009 before I read “Good to Great” and had Jim Collins take me (and the rest of the business world it seems) to school. My passion was ignited when I was finally able to move on from the Payroll Department and move into Construction Operations as a Project Cost Accountant. In this position, I was able to learn much about the financial side of a commercial construction project. I worked one on one with Project Managers and Project Engineers. As the Project Cost Accountant, I processed all costs for the project, making sure they were aligned with the budget and forwarded to the rest of the Project Team for approval. Included in my duties, were putting together subcontract agreements, procedures manuals, tracking equipment that was on site, and verifying that subcontractors had proper insurance in place in the event of a loss. These were the things that I had to do on a daily basis, but once a month, I had the opportunity to visit the construction site. I can remember it like yesterday. I stepped out of my vehicle, put on a hard hat and vest for the first time and looked out towards huge steel beams being erected for a new hospital and I came to a realization, that took me by surprise. A good (on its way to being great) construction company is making a profit yes, but it is still delivering critical elements to communities. I felt proud to be a part of something like that! It’s amazing that I can be a part of bringing churches, hospitals, educational facilities and the like to the community that I live in. How awesome is that?!

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